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Residential/ Commercial Electrical Service, HVAC

Our Mission: offer excellent service through class craftsmanship and receptiveness.

Nak Global Electrical consists of very skilled experts who do the utmost to convene and go beyond the expectations of our cherished clientele. We have been working in blueprint/build and chart requirement/grow for over 2 decades.

Excellence and reliability are our objective. Clientele will work with the same contractor from beginning of a concept throughout the lifetime of the project. Our work range from residential to commercial electrical service, from flickering lights, defective outlets, destroyed splices, short circuits, ceiling fans and light fixtures, being code compliant, blown fuses to defective wiring. You can trust us to do the job.


  • Residential and Commercial Lighting
  • Residential and Commercial Panels & Breakers installation and repair
  • Kitchen and bathroom Appliances Circuits
  • Outside and curb appeal lighting
  • All aspects of Electricity
  • New and existing construction

Bathrooms and Kitchens

The appearance of your bathroom area and kitchen space are a crucial part of the appeal of your dwelling. Without adequate and needed lighting in those areas, it can negatively impact the general furnishing of your house. Our contractors will work with you based on what’s important to you, combined with our expertise to make the best choice and get excellent result. It is a great way to showcase your house for yourself, friends and potential customers.
Once again, you can trust us to do the job. Call Nak today to get us working on your behalf.

Panel Box and Breakers

As you know, technology has advanced in extraordinary ways. Our codes are not what they used to be. As a result, we need to be up to date. The upgrade is important in order to be code complaint and secure better safety for you and your family. We can work with you to make sure your house is where it needs to be. In addition, your home electricity wise needs to be able to handle all the new gadgets and upgraded appliances that are in today’s market due to the simple fact that everything around us is electrical. Your panel box and breakers need to be up to date.

Kitchen Circuits

Nak will make sure the garbage disposal, your stove, your washer machine, your dryer and your refrigerator work well and use the right circuit and make sure the ones that need to be dedicated circuits will be dedicated circuits. In your kitchen and bathroom, lots of water is used. As a result, the proper GFCI outlet must be installed. This will prevent your appliances from failing, breakers from going bad and so forth. It is more cost effective in the long run.

Commercial Circuit Installation and Upgrading

What is true for a residential installation can sometimes be true for a commercial installation as well.
It means that, as we make more progress technologically, businesses electrical installations have to be compliant and effectively operational. They use more power and more sophisticated devices with high capacity. As a result, it is imperative to call NAK to make sure everything is working the way it is supposed to. In addition to the high capacity equipment, businesses also have to deal with the fact that their employees and customers add more load to the circuit with more personal equipment they bring to the job. Having the proper circuits will save energy in the long run and avoid electrical hazards.

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